That's why you should choose a long slim ISUP


Yster ISUP 17’3″x 26″ Linear 


Optimized for year-around paddle boarding


Yster 12’6″x30″ Wood Front


Meet a Legend


Yster SUP 14’x23″ Legend


Triple gold medalist


Yster SUP 14’x24″ Naked Carbon


Designed for speed, directional stability and stability


Yster 14’x28″ Naked Carbon


Yster hard boards

Designed for speed, directional stability and stability.

Yster’s paddle boards are designed for maximum glide and directional stability combined with stability. These features make the boards incredibly fast and at the same time very stable. The hull shape and the high nose provide superior directional stability which means that you do not need to change paddling sides as often which increases the speed.


Yster ISUPs

Do not compromise – bring your SUP wherever you go.

Our inflatable SUP boards offers phenomenal glide thanks to the long slim shape. All our ISUP come with a large 9″- single center fin as standard. The combination of an elongated board shape and a large fin provide outstanding directional stability unique for inflatable stand up paddle boards. This means that you can increase the number paddling strokes on each side, which in turn gives a higher speed in the water.




Yster accessories

Safety, comfort and performance all year round.

Our accessories are designed to provide safety, comfort and performance all year round. Although our boards are lightweight, we know from experience that even the lightest board feels heavy after a while when carrying it in its handle. Therefore, we have developed a combined carry strap and grab handle that hooks straight into your Yster SUP board so that you can carry it as a shoulder bag. The carry strap is also a safety feature as it works as a grab handle if you would fall into the water. It also works as a handle for passengers who have something to cling on to in choppy conditions.

However, the most important safety feature is the leash. The coil keeps the leash compact yet can be stretched to over three meter’s length.

We also have developed a series of accessories that protect the equipment when not in use. Our tailored board bag protects the board during transportation. Thanks to the extra thick padding, it effectively protects against sunlight, heat as well as impact and shocks. During paddling, our rail tape protects the rails of the board from paddle marks and sharp stones.

Our fins are specially designed with large horizontal dimensions and the slope prevents seaweed and algae from clinging to the fin.

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