Yster SUP 10″ Straight-line Tracking Flat Water Fin


Our deepest fin offers outstanding directional stability.

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Yster SUP 10″ Straight-line Tracking Flat Water Fin

Our largest fin for large boards

A fin’s size is measured from its base perpendicular to its deepest tip. However, if you measure our Yster SUP 10″ Straight-line Tracking Flat Water Fin from the front of the base to its tip, the distance is no less than 465 millimeters because of the 50 degree sweep angle. This, combined with the fin’s large horizontal measure – 190 mm at the widest point – provide an outstanding directional stability. In practice, this means that the board stays on track – less zigzagging – and is less affected by side winds. This means that you do not need to change paddle side as often, which in turn means that you do not loose speed.

The sweep angle is also of great importance when paddling in waters with seaweed, reed and algae or in the Autumn when there may be plenty of leaves in the water. Thanks to the angle of the fin, nothing will tangle and interfere with the glide of the board.

The size of the fin also increases the static stability, i.e. the board also feels more stable at a standstill.

In the box:
  • 10″ fin.
  • Cover in EVA.
  • Nut and bolt.
Technical specification:
  • Design: Semitransparent fiberglass with tree ring structure.

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 4 cm


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