Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Naked Carbon


Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Naked Carbon is a slim full carbon SUP-board perfect for demanding paddle boarders.

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SUP 14’x 26″ Naked Carbon

Superb glide with minimum drag.

Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Naked Carbon has been designed for both racing and long distance touring where water flow characteristics are essential.

The displacement hull with its negative nose, double concave bottom deck and an optimized tail lift provide outstanding hydrodynamical characteristics with superb glide and minimum drag as a result.

The voluminous 8” front prevents the boards from dipping its nose when paddling downwind and into head on waves. This, combined with the finetuned rail design and a lowered standing area, offer a board with great stability even in rough waters.

The matt finish of our Naked Carbon series makes it harder for water to cling to the surface. This reduces the friction between the water and board surface, which provides better glide.

Every SUP-board is handmade and unique. In the front of the fin box we have written a serial number by hand.



In the box:
  • Yster SUP 14’x 26″ Naked Carbon
  • 10” single center-fin
  • Gore ® Tex Vent plug
Technical specification:
  • Design: Carbon fiber sandwich
  • Length: 14″ (427 cm)
  • Width: 26″ (66.0 cm)
  • Height: 8″ (20.3 cm)
  • Fin system: Single center



Additional information

Dimensions 427 × 66.0 × 20.3 cm