Yster SUP Board Bag 14′


Store and transport your Yster SUP-board protected from sunlight, heat and shocks.

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Yster SUP Board Bag 14′

Take care of your Yster board when not using it.

When you are not using your Yster SUP board you should be kept it in a dark and cool place where sun and heat do not reach it. A good alternative is to store it in a board bag, which protects the board from heat, sunlight and shocks.

Dark SUP-boards get extremely hot when exposed to direct sunlight, also, in a short while. Although all Yster SUP boards are equipped with a Gore-Tex® vent plug that allows them to breath, heat may cause the lamination of fiberglass- or carbon fibre to detach from the core causing air bubbles between the core and the lamination.

In addition, when a SUP board is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the colours will fade. A board bag tailor made for Yster SUP boards effectively protects against heat and sunlight.

On each side of the board bag, 750 mm of flexible rubber foam protects the board at the widest point and at the same time prevents the board bag from being dirty. The same material protects the front and back against downpour and splashing insects when being transported on roof racks. To make loading easier there are sturdy rubber handles in the back and front of the board bag.

Technical specification:
  • Outer fabric in high quality 600x600D nylon with rubber reinforcements.
  • Paddling 10 mm polyethylene foam.
  • Liner in high quality 180 g polyethylene fabric.
  • Plastic zipper to protect from scratching the boards.
  • Detachable carry strap.
  • Inner pocket for fin, strap or cloths.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 30 cm


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