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Rates per board: 1 hour 269 SEK, 2 hours (recommended) 369 SEK, 4 hours 495 SEK.

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Changing facilities available at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live


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Changing facilities available at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live.

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Suitable for after-work, hen & stag nights, corporate events or just a fun activity with family and friends. 

Get confident in SUP in 90 minutes (Beginners lesson for 4-7 people)

This is a great activity for a small team of four to seven people. No previous skills required. We will start from scratch with a few basic exercises. Gradually we will raise the bar and introduce more challenging exercises and you will be surprised how quickly you feel confident on the board. As you get more confident you will get a chance to try more advanced SUP-boards.

This session is conducted by a certified SUP-instructor in either Swedish or English. 

It is a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes as you might get wet when you are pushing your limits. Changing facilities are available at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live.

Rate: 449 SEK per person

Available time slots for 4 to 7 people

Guided 90-minute tour on the canals of Malmö (4-7 people)

Experience Malmö from its canals at a comfortable pace. Subject to weather conditions, SUP Malmö will guide you through urban stretches, quiet parks and around the inner port of Malmö.

This session is in either Swedish or English.

Changing facilities are available at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live.

Rate: 449 SEK per person.

Available time slots for 4 to 7 people


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Where to find us

Located only 450 meters from Malmö Cental and just across the canal of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live we are located at the heart of Malmö city. The address is Norra Vallgaten 93 and the nearest parking is at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live.


Frequently asked questions

Below you find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

I have never tried stand-up paddling before. Is it safe?

For the first ten minutes you might experience that the board feels tippy. Normally your will get the hang of it in a short while. If you do not feel comfortable standing up on the board you can always paddle standing on your knees.

Are children allowed to paddle?

Children from the age of 11 are welcome to paddle in company with adults. In absence of adults, the age limit is 18 years.

What happens if I fall off into the water?

You will get wet! Being attached to your SUP-board with a leash around your ankle you will always be close to your board. In addition the life vest will keep you above the water surface. It is easy to get back on the board: Enter the board from the side at its widest point and do a few kicks with your legs while you crawl back up on the board.

If you would fall in to the water do never try to detach yourself from the the board. In fact, the SUP-board is a kind of lifebuoy and you want to stick to it.

Try not to get water in your mouth as the canal water is not clean in some parts of the canal and at certain times.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, it is compulsory to be able to swim because, in the unlikely event that you would fall into the water, you need to be able to get back on the board.

Where do I change clothes?

There are changing rooms with lockers, showers and saunas at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live. Just ask for a key at the reception. 

Can I bring my mobile phone and where can I leave my valuables when I am paddleboarding?

You can bring you mobile phone and valuables at you own peril. Ideally keep them in a waterproof pouch. If you do not want to bring them on the SUP-board there are changing rooms with lockers at the Clarion Hotel Malmö Live. There is also a box on the dock where you can leave your belongings. However, neither the hotel not we take any responsibility for any potential loss or damage of your belongings.

Can I take passengers or pet on the SUP-board?

Passengers and pets are not allowed on the SUP-boards.

What happens if I do not get back in time?

If you do not get back in time you are subject to an additional fee.

Can I call anyone if I get lost?

Yes, you can call our host on the dock if you need any advice or assistance.